An attractive bottling for a premium product

The exceptional DRITSAS extra virgin olive oil is now available in attractive bottling, a real adornment for delicatessen and supermarket shelves. A Greek olive oil of premium quality that will satisfy even the most demanding consumers…

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A practical metal container for large quantities

The needs of restaurants, hotels and catering services that use large quantities of quality olive oil can be fully met with our new metal container.

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Since 1970, we produce a unique extra virgin olive oil.

Learn why we are being chosen by more and more Greeks and Europeans who enjoy our olive oil.

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Whether you have limited space in the shelves of your delicatessen or supermarket, or you need our premium olive oil for professional use in a restaurant, hotel or catering service, there is a size for everyone!

From small 250ml bottles to 5lt tins, we have a variety of product sizes which guarantee the freshness and the preservation of the unique aroma of our olive oil. Learn more about our products here.

Dritsas Olive Oil

About us

Since 1970, our aim is to produce and trade extra virgin olive oil of premium quality, a product that perfectly combines health benefits and high gastronomic value. Learn more about us.


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